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Have a special cause, organization, sports team, charity or club you wanna support? Then raise some major $$$ with a custom Pura Vida bracelet! Use the super-fun customization tool above to test out cool color combos, then select your quantity (50-bracelet minimum), place your order and voila! You’ll receive totally unique, wax-coated, 100% waterproof bracelets—all adjustable from 2-5 inches in diameter. Our Original bracelets feature an iron-coated copper “P” charm while our Braided bracelets feature an iron-coated gold "P" charm.

Minimum order 50 bracelets. For orders of more than 1000, please email

Is your organization tax exempt? Just send us a quick email to with your order number and tax exempt form, and we’ll refund your sales tax!

Have a question? Read our .

Founded in Costa Rica, Pura Vida Bracelets provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide and raises awareness for charities with products that give back. We’re also passionate about protecting the environment. That's why we ship all of our products in eco-friendly recyclable packaging and offer the option for plastic free shipping.

This product is final sale - no returns or exchanges. Full returns policy

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Jessica W.
“Great idea for a fundraiser! Purchased 50 bracelets as a fundraiser for my father awaiting a kidney transplant. They were awesome and sold out in less than 24 hours. I just ordered another 100!”
Lisa B.
“I ordered custom Pura Vida bracelets for a school fundraiser. But just as the bracelets arrived, COVID-19 hit and schools shut down. I decided to sell them to raise money for our entire school district instead! To help families in our own community that were struggling to pay for food and household items because of this unprecedented pandemic. The response has been so amazing, the first 50 sold out within hours and I ordered another 100 that day!”
Nick M.
“My wife and I were looking for the perfect wedding gift to give to our guests. We wanted something simple, but with a lot of meaning. We found Pura Vida Bracelets and immediately knew we had to have them. 100% worth the wait. Not only were the guests blown away by their gift, but they never forget a chance to tell us what a great wedding it was. Our custom bracelets serve as a way for those memories to live beyond the photos.”
Ashley P.
“This was a quick and easy way to raise funds for our children’s hospital. As always, well packaged and quality products. We sold out in DAYS and then placed a second order.”
Ashley W.
“JUST PERFECT… We created our bracelet in honor of a precious relative gone too soon. The blue, white and green braids represent his love of the outdoors... snow, water, trees and mountains. The tie is black as we are in mourning. The best part is his brother thought to make the knot red like his hair. They’re amazing and a beautiful link to our loved ones and each other. Thank you Pura Vida. We did it to celebrate what would have been his 31st birthday.”
Erica K.
“Ordered customized Pura Vida bracelets to support my kids’ school. Everyone loved it! Now that they’re on distance learning, the kids wear it to show school spirit during their online classes.”
Custom Bracelet FAQs

To make our custom program run as smoothly as possible, we have default color combos for our nine string bracelets! If you choose two different colors, you will have four of one color, five of the other. If you choose three colors, you will have three of each color! This makes it easy for our artisans to craft your personalized bracelet and get them to you as quickly as possible!

That is totally up to you! Pura Vida’s retail price is $6/original and $10/mini braided but every Fundraising effort is unique in it’s own way! Sell your bracelets at whatever price will help you generate the most money for your special cause!

Our Charity and Fundraising department are two different departments so the process of approving a charity for our charity page is a little different than getting approved to do our fundraising program.

To be on our Charity page you would be placed on a wait list from which we choose a select few, nationwide charities that have a large social media following. We choose new charities each year!

Our fundraising department is easier to be approved for; we offer the bracelets at wholesale price and we leave the responsibility to donate profits (to the cause of their choice) made from selling the bracelets at retail price, to the buyer.